How To Apply For Turkey Visa Online

Do you intend to apply for a turkey visa online but don’t know how to go about it or do you want to know how to apply for a turkey visa online? Then this article is for you because you would learn how to apply for a turkey visa online without stress.

No doubt the Republic of Turkey is a well known travel destination for education, tourism, medical treatment, business, vacation, work and other purposes. With this you can have a clearer knowledge that turkey is not a kind of country to toil with because of its competency and values it’s offers.

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However, applying for a turkey visa online depends on your nationality and the kind of Turkish visa you intend to apply for. This is because certain foreign nations are excluded from applying for a Turkish visa, while others are eligible to travel to the country to get the Turkish visa on arrival. In addition,  all other foreign nationals are entitled to apply for a Turkish sticker visa online before thinking of travelling to Turkey, or can apply for turkey eVisa online if eligible. 

Turkey visa types

Before we proceed to the main outline of this article it is compulsory you know the turkey visa types in order to have a deep insight before applying for the Turkey visa online.

If you are a foreign national or individual and it is required that you have a Turkish sticker visa before traveling to Turkey then you must apply for the right Turkey visa based on your purpose or intention for traveling to Turkey by so doing it’s speed up the rate of your application process. The Turkey visa types are:


  • Undergraduate Programme
  • Degree pursuit
  • Bachelor’s Programme
  • IT Programme
  • RN Programme
  • Professor 


  • Business Meeting
  • Cultural Activity
  • Official Visit
  • Commerce
  • Conference
  • Seminar or Meeting
  • Touristic Visit
  • Single Transit
  • Double Transit
  • Festival
  • Exhibition
  • Sport Activity


  • Employment Purpose
  • Montage Purpose 
  • Special Employment Purpose
  • Delegated Artists
  • Delegated Free Zone Workers
  • Delegated Journalists
  • Assigned Lecturers or Academics
  • Assigned Sportsperson
  • Repairman Purposes
  • Assigned auto repair


  • Medical Treatment Purposes
  • Accompaniment Purpose
  • Tour Operator Representative
  • Family visit Purpose
  • Freight Visa
  • Archaeological Excavation
  •  Exploration Purpose
  • Documentary Purpose
  • Seafarer Visa

Turkey Online Visa Requirements

This section contains the documents required of you to submit during the application for the Turkey Visa online. So the following items are required to apply for Turkish visa:


Note the passport must be valid and duly certified for at least 60 days after departure date, with additional blank page for official purpose.


This includes an onward ticket or a round trip. However ticket must be intact and booked ahead of time.

Personal Passport Photograph

A recent passport photograph capturing your face on a white background with the size of 50x60mm and must not exceed or must not be below.

Financial proof

A valid proof of financial ends means during your whole stay in Turkey or of invitee if applicant is being invited by a Turkish citizen). This is to verify your source of living and income if it is genuine.

Application form 

A completed and signed Turkey visa application form, this is obtained after you must have applied online and a form is being given to you and is being filled online. So you need to make a printout hardcopy of the application form and fill again with exact informations. 

Accommodation Letter

Accommodation Letter is another requirements because it is used to verify you place of stay or a hotel reservation letter if you don’t have a resident home to stay.

Income Breakdown

You are required to show a documents attesting to the income status you are in as at the time you are applying for the visa 

Medical insurance

A genuine poof of medical insurance coverage, and note that the medical insurance proof is very vital.

So note that you would be required to tender all of the above listed required documents when applying for the Turkey Visa. Also the requirements varies base on the type of Turkish visa you are applying for because they  have additional requirements than those listed above.

So it is highly recommended to check the information requirements for the particular Turkish visa type you would be applying for and get all documents ready.

How To Apply For Turkey Visa Online

This is the moment you have been waiting for so gradually follow the process to learn how to successfully apply for turkey visa online.

  • Correctly fill out and submit application online
  • Attach required documents as listed above
  •  Book an appointment ahead of time
  • Attend your appointment at the Turkish embassy or representation office
  • Afterwards you would be required to submit your visa application and other essential documents
  • Then pay your visa fee
  • Afterwards, Wait for your Turkey visa decision
  •  If approved, collect your Turkey visa from the Turkish embassy or representation office where you firstly applied
  • Then cross-check that all information is correct and ryhmes with your passport
  • Then want for your appointed time of flight as shown in your ticket to travel to Turkey

Note: During the whole application process, some applicants may be redirected back to the Turkey e-Visa System, which means they must duely complete the whole process online, instead of going for physical appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is getting a Turkey Visa Online Difficult?

Getting a Turkey visa is not as difficult as you think if you have all the required documents and you meet specific criteria but if you don’t have the essential documents then expect the application process to be a bit difficult and delayed.

How long does it take for a Turkish visa to be approved?

Turkey visa approval varies due to country factor and the type of visa you are applying for but it takes nothing less than 3-25 days for it to be approved. However it is advisable to ask questions when you go for your appointment interview.

How much is the Turkish visa fee?

The Turkey visa fee is approximately USD 61.50 to USD 78.50. However it’s is advisable to confirm before payment is made.

How can I apply online for Turkey visa?

You can apply for a Turkey Visa online by filling out the application form, attaching all documents and by following all the prompts as explained in this article.


In conclusion, now you have a clearer knowledge on how to apply for Turkey Visa online, also note that any attempts to falsify any documents to be submitted may lead to a consequence.

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